Chiropractic Paediatrics in Bournemouth

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Chiropractic Paediatrics in Bournemouth Promotes Healthy Growth & Development in Infants and Children

Chiropractic Paediatrics in Bournemouth: Innate Wellness Ltd. strives to leave a positive impact on everyone, no matter their age. Filippo Gernetti works with pregnant women and paediatrics to relieve discomfort during pregnancy and to help prevent any future pain, injury or other symptoms and allow for healthy growth as a child ages. He will take the time to educate you on the benefits of pregnancy and paediatric chiropractic care as it is a safe, effective and noninvasive approach to wellness.

Benefits to Receiving Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

During pregnancy, Filippo works on both the pelvis and spine to promote balanced movement and alignment. Once the pelvis is in a balanced state, the ligaments connected to the uterus maintain a stable suspension for the uterus. Relieving tension not only improves the mother’s comfort but improves the comfort of the baby. Regular chiropractic care also gives the baby more room to grow and allows them to resettle into the best position for birth.

Paediatric Chiropractic Care for Infants

No matter your age, your body is subjected to a wide variety of stress. For infants, they are susceptible to this stress while in utero as well as during birth. This is why it is important for your baby to be checked as soon as possible—even as early as a couple days old! In addition to checking for spinal misalignment, these check-ups early on in life are important for a healthy nervous system as well.

Paediatric Chiropractic Care for Children and Teens

As infants grow into toddlers and young children, their spines undergo many different forms of stress and trauma. This is strongly the case as they learn to walk, crawl, play, become independent and involve themselves in sports. A number of these may result in subluxations that Innate Wellness Ltd. can easily detect and resolve. Kids and teens should regularly receive chiropractic check-ups as healthy spines and proper alignment are important for overall health.

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